Missouri Military Community Needs Assessment

The Missouri Military Community Needs Assessment gathered information from Veterans, ServiceMembers, family members of Veterans and service providers on the health care needs of and available to the Missouri military community, with an emphasis on traumatic brain injury, mental health, and substance use. The goal of the needs assessment was to systematically identify needs and measure the gaps between current conditions and wanted conditions through participation ofVeterans, Service Members, family members, and behavioral health and health service providers.The needs assessment sought to answer the following broad questions:
  • What obstacles do Service Members, Veterans, and their families face in accessing services?
  • What is the current network of support available?
  • How accessible is the network of support?
  • Where are there gaps in services and systems?
A total of 475 people completed the online survey:461 surveys were complete; 14 were incomplete.The survey was completed by a total of 357Service Members, Veterans, and family members,and 118 Veterans’ services providers.Some of the providers are also Veterans: 14%(n=15) of providers have served in the UnitedStates Armed Services, and 80% served active duty. A range of providers completed the survey: 36% of respondents were counselors; 30%administrators; and 14% social workers.
Petri, A.N., and Gee, R. (2015). Missouri Military Community Health Needs Assessment.
2015. Kansas City, MO: University of Missouri-Kansas City Institute for Human Development.