Academic Coaching for Veterans


GI Bulge 2.0. As service members transition from the military and use the GI Bill to attend college, many colleges and universities are scrambling to provide appropriate resources and support. Faculty members may not have had training and often are puzzled about how to best include, accommodate, and reach student veterans (American Council on Education, 2010). The institution itself may not be able to afford a staffed veterans’ center. With the best of intentions, colleges and universities struggle with how to invest in student veterans, and lack clear guidance with specific strategies for addressing these challenges (Vance & Miller, 2009). Higher education has an opportunity to recognize the growing numbers of veterans pursuing degrees as a call to innovate and change to meet the demand.

Through a National Science Foundation grant, Veterans in STEM operated academic support programs for 116 veterans enrolled at Kansas City Kansas Community College, Metropolitan Community College, and University of Missouri-Kansas City. One part of the support program was academic coaching, in which 82 veterans participated.

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